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Indoor aqua therapy pool is heated year-round

Gale Templeton, our co-owner at TWI, believes in staying active and staying current on the newest therapies available for pet owners. Keeping our pets healthy for as long as possible is something everyone wants for their pets, so Gale decided to continue her training and become a certified Aqua Therapist in 2016.

Our indoor aqua therapy pool is heated year-round to allow your dog the opportunity to receive the best care possible all year long! The temperature ranges from 87-94 degrees. The salt water pool is less harsh on the skin and coat of your dog than a typical chlorine pool as well as more sanitary.

Assisted Hydrotherapy (Aqua Therapy) sessions are beneficial for ANY dog, but especially ideal for dogs who are:

  • Seven years or older
  • Struggling to climb into the car or up the stairs
  • Arthritic, handicapped or with chronic degenerative disease
  • Overweight or obese
  • Preparing for/recovering from surgery
  • Injured or suffering from other non-surgical conditions
  • Experiencing behavioral issues
  • Puppies
  • Dogs who haven’t learned to swim yet

In our assisted canine aqua therapy sessions, a trained and certified aqua therapist is always with your dog, guiding the session, monitoring your dog’s health, and ensuring maximum benefit from every session.

The widening use of Aqua Therapy for dogs is evident in the proliferation of new canine therapy facilities that have opened throughout the country. It is being used for chronic pain management programs, weight loss and management, cardiac rehabilitation and recovery from injury and surgery.

The body’s reaction to warm water causes the nerves at the surface of the skin to carry impulses deep into the body. This has been found to lessen pain and sensitivity, stimulate the immune system, aid lymphatic drainage and aid in blood circulation. It is also likely to leave your dog both physically and mentally relaxed. This exercise delivers a low-impact full body workout for your dog.

Benefits of Warm Aqua Therapy include:

  • Enhanced range of motion/flexibility
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Relieve muscle spasm
  • Maintain and improve mobility
  • Improve respiratory and cardiovascular function
  • Reduce weight bearing stresses on painful joints
  • Assist weight loss and management
  • Promote general fitness
  • Calm anxiety

Newer studies have shown dogs that have been in shelters or in disadvantaged living conditions respond incredibly well to aqua therapy. They are less anxious and fearful, and this increases the chances of them being adopted into a permanent and caring home.

Assisted-swim therapy is also ideal for performance and sports dogs, or any dog who needs to maintain peak fitness. It is a safe, low-impact workout for total body conditioning; in fact, a five-minute swim is equivalent to a five-mile run.

We do not diagnose or cure specific ailments, perform surgery or prescribe medications. Aqua therapy is not a replacement for proper veterinary care and any injuries or diseases must be medically diagnosed and treated by a licensed vet.



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