1. We design, build and operate our facilities

We have been involved in the design, building or operating of nearly 20 pet services facilities. Scott designed retail stores in the US, UK and on 4 continents. That experience has translated over to the companion animal industry. When you operate a facility you learn what works and what doesn’t. Each of our buildings is a “next generation” design with improvements, learnings and insights from our previous experiences.

2. We use some of the best materials available

All of our animal containment areas use Fiber Glass Reinforced panels (FRP) and all of our kennels are 9 gauge welded, powder coated wire, built by Priefert. We don’t use concrete block because you can’t keep it clean and sanitized, nor do we use chain link which is both dangerous (pointed edges on the top and bottom), and easily chewed through. Our floors are acid etched (stained) concrete with full center drain systems.

3. All of our boarding runs are indoor/outdoor

Your pet has nearly 75 sq. ft. of their own indoor and outdoor space to use during their stay.

4. We have all inclusive pricing, and a no hassle business attitude

Most pet facilities charge extra for feeding your food, playtimes, giving medication, etc. Customers often feel “nickel and dimed” to death……not at Tin Woof Inn where everything is included in our boarding fee. Our boarding fee includes feeding your food, 2 play sessions per day, giving any medications, and pool play times (as available).

Many boarding facilities require behavioral testing and want to make sure you dog is compatible with their facility. We think that is just kind of silly and just upsets customers. Our professionally trained staff, our procedures and facility design allow us to handle a variety of pets safely in a positive supportive environment at a reasonable cost.

5. We have professionally operated facilities

Each of our facilities use industry best practices for housekeeping and sanitation. We require vaccinations to insure the health of all animals in our buildings. Our record keeping and computer systems are top notch. Our management staff has more than 70 years of companion animal experience and our owners have supervised more than 260,000 pet stay days. We have several qualified vet techs on staff as well. Our professional operation insure that you pet will have a happy healthy and enjoyable stay in our facilities. And if something unexpected does happen, our experienced staff knows what to do.