Ashland, Kentucky


Tin Woof Inn is a boutique boarding facility with 75 square-foot indoor/outdoor runs and upgraded suites, as well as dedicated cat boarding. Your pet will be in climate-controlled comfort during their stay and romp in one of six large play yards in the mornings and afternoons.

The facility has 24-hour monitored alarm service and cameras which ensure every pet is safe and secure. All units have raised beds for your pet’s comfort. We also have both music and TV available in all kennel areas. These are designed to help minimize stress with ambient noise and create more of a home-like atmosphere.


Sara has been with TWI since its beginning in March 2014. You will find her at any one of our three facilities, as she frequents them weekly, but she considers Ashland her home. Sara has two children, Katlyn and Gianni. She has three pets — Tillie the schnauzer and two cats, Azrael and Finley. Sara has an extensive background in retail, administration and clerical duties. Before working in the animal industry, Sara worked as a student registered nurse anesthetist for almost 10 years. She spends her downtime with her fiancée Cory and can be found snuggled in her bed with the animals reading a good book, watching TV or cooking something delicious!

Brittany has been with TWI since November of 2019. She lives on a 15 acre farm in Greenup County. She has 4 horses, 1 cow, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a tank full of fish. She loves working, riding horses, 4-wheeling, camping, boating, hanging with family and friends, country music, and lounging at home with her animals.

Amber has been with TWI since February 2017. She has been grooming for three years, but she has loved working with animals since she was a little girl. She fostered and cared for squirrels, possums and baby calves. She lives on a 1,000-acre farm with her husband of four years, Scotty, and their three Rottweilers, Rocky, Ringo and Georgia, as well as many cattle, two horses, and a guinea pig, George. They enjoy fishing, riding Rzrs, listening to bluegrass music, going to festivals and quiet time spent with each other.

Shaylyn has been with TWI since February of 2020. She has two dogs and two cats. Her dogs are a miniature schnauzer named Lincoln and a blue heeler-border collie mix named Panda. Her two cats are named Sweet Pea and Miss Kitty.

Desiree has been with TWI since March 2020. She has two daughters, Rainah and Payton. She has two dogs, Gypsy a Shepard-bloodhound mix and Astro a pit mix. Desiree has been a Direct Support Professional for the mentally and physically impaired for the last 10 years, as well as fostering animals and helping them find homes. Desiree enjoys spending her free time with her family and helping others.

Alison has been with TWI since November of 2019. She has four dogs; Rosey, IvyRose, Leia, and Tinkerbell. All but Tinkerbell are Olde English Bulldogs, with Tinkerbell being a Yorkie. Alison has worked in restaurants for two years before coming to TWI. She also has experience with assisting in dog training and with dog rescues. Alison even helped train wolves at Wolf Creek Dog Rescue. Alison enjoys spending time with her family and dogs watching movies.




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7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

3-6 p.m.


(Plus applicable sales tax)

Regular boarding (one dog, one run)

Second dog, same run

Day boarding (per dog, cutoff time is 10 a.m., regular boarding)

Suites (one dog)

Second dog, same suite

Day boarding (per dog, cutoff time is 10 a.m., suite boarding)

Long-term boarding (per dog, 30 days)

Day care (per dog, per day)

Half day care (5 hours or less, per dog)

Day care cards

2 or more day care cards (bought at one time, 1 dog)

Double dog day care cards (1 card, 2 dogs, 6 days)

Cat boarding (one cat, one enclosure)

Second cat, same enclosure

Long term cat boarding (30 days, per cat)

Nail grinding

Bordetella (retail, plus tax)

Bath (depending on size)