What Our Customers Are Saying …


We love Tin Woof Inn!!! We started bringing Gracie at the beginning of October 2018. She had a great first day and was worn out as soon as we got in the car. Gracie was really shy at first, but has really come out of her shell. Since then she has been there each day for Doggy Daycare. She has made several friends, Jed being one of her favorites. She loves the staff and would go home with them too if she could. She can’t wait to get there each morning and on the weekends you can tell she misses being with her Tin Woof family. We are so thankful for the staff at Tin Woof and how they treat the customers like family and the dogs like their own!!

Tin Woof and the staff are absolutely hands down the best! Whenever we arrive, Calvin literally drags me in the door so he can start his play time. Tin Woof has been a blessing since the day we walked in. Calvin is given so much love, exercise and social skills he needs. We’ve used daycare sevrices, boarding and training classes, and I truly believe these services have helped make Calvin the best companion he can be. In short, Tin Woof has earned my total trust and appreciation. I’m happy to bring Calvin in, and even happier to pick up my exhausted little guy at the end of a day of play.

We first came to Tin Woof Inn after adopting our shelter dog, Luna. Our initial visits started as private training for Luna. I was having a very difficult time with her and needed help. After private training lessons, I enrolled Luna in (group) basic obedience. I learned so much through all of this — how to train my dog, and most importantly, bond with my dog. Enrolling Luna in daycare was our next step. Luna is very distrustful of strangers, but loves all of the staff at Tin Woof Inn. We even leave her overnight once a week. Luna loves to go. Whenever we go on vacation or out of town, I’m grateful that Luna has a place to stay with excellent care. I believe that Tin Woof Inn provides a valuable and needed service in the community. Gale Templeton and the staff provide a welcoming environment for my dog to stay. At the same time, Tin Woof Inn provides educational opportunity about everything, from training your dog to proper nutrition. My family is grateful for Tin Woof Inn.

The Tin Woof Inn is absolutely the best and our precious dog Rosie loves going there to play and interact with other dogs. What makes this place so special is the employees who work very hard to provide the dogs a safe and wonderful experience. They ar eprofessional and caring individuals who take a sincere interest in the care of each and every dog. Rosie loves the time she gets to spend at Tin Woof Inn and our family knows with confidence that she is taken care of at all times. We have used the many services offered, such as grooming, day care and boarding. Each sevrice is professionally done. My family highly recommends Tin Woof Inn!


I love Tin Woof Inn! The staff are all wonderful, nice, pleasant, and caring of you and your fur babies. The grounds are always exceptionally clean, including the outside play areas. The prices are in the same range with other kennels But at Tin Woof you don’t have to pay that extra $5 every time your baby is allowed out to play — they let them play twice a day! They have a swimming pool your dogs can utilize in the warm months! The groomer is also very sweet and caring, and she does an excellent job. I highly recommend Tin Woof Inn.

Jagger was found abandoned about three months before he started coming to Doggy Daycare at Tin Woof. He has trust issues and is not good with people. The girls at Tin Woof have taken great care of him and he loves them. It has taken a lot of patience on their part to make up with him, and I am so grateful for them. If I have to go out of town, they are the only ones who can take care of him without distressing him and me!

Tin Woof Inn is an exceptional facility, and we feel so fortunate and blessed to have discovered such a professional and friendly atmosphere for our fur baby. Zeke has always been a high-energy dog and we were not comfortable leaving him at home alone in a crate all day while we were at work, and the daycare solution has worked out perfectly for the past three years. We started taking Zeke to TWI when he was just a 5-month-old puppy and enrolled him in obedience classes and later on in agility classes. He loved all of them! Zeke was able to interact with other dogs and their owners, which helped him to socialize wonderfully. To say Zeke loves the staff at TWI is an understatement! Zeke can’t wait to go to “school” each day and seems very disappointed when he occasionally gets to stay at home. Each staff member is super-friendly, professional and extemely loving toward not only Zeke, but to every pet that enters the door! He absolutely loves each and every one of the sweet daycare staff, and the staff is so attentive and they know Zeke’s personality and favorite play games. They even know his favorite daycare playmates! We appreciate that the facilities are always very clean and smell so fresh when we walk in the door. TWI owners are very conscientious and concerned about safety and care of the pets. They take the time to speak and meet the clients when they are in the office.

Jasper always is excited to go to his home away from home. Tin Woof Inn is always accommodating. In September of 2016, my husband was hospitalized unexpectedly and the next morning Tin Woof Inn accepted Jasper immediately. At that time, we had no idea how long we would need their services, but I called every few days to check on him and a nice young lady would assure me he was OK. We use Tin Woof Inn almost monthly, and the care and service is the best I’ve ever had at a kennel and Jasper loves it when I leave town.

Polly was at Tin Woof on the day of opening for Doggy Daycare. She has also boarded several times. I leave Polly for both with no worries. I trust the girls that look after her. Polly and I call them dog nannies. The dogs in daycare remind me of kids in school recess. They want to run and play, which is good for them.